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Saudi media reported on the 3rd, the judiciary announced that Saudi Arabia will also be entitled to get their own copy of the marriage certificate of the country when women get married in the future. Previously, only men can receive this "treatment."


A special committee of Saudi Justice Minister Walid Sama Ani authorized the establishment of two announced that with immediate effect, when the clergy for the new registration of marriage, both men and women must be given to issue a marriage certificate in order to ensure that the bride married alerted Related interests and related provisions.


Saudi news agency quoted the Ministry of Justice reported that the decision was intended to "to protect women's rights." Taking into account the special committee, when a dispute with her husband, or women on the court, they may need a marriage certificate. The implementation of this initiative is not to make Saudi bride happier to do so? If you need to buy imitation jewelry,Please choose to buy Cartier Love Jewelry Replica, Hermes Jewelry Replica ,Cartier Jewelry Replica and Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry. Thank you.You can enter the URL:




In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive a car, go out must be accompanied by a male, must wear the veil in public places and the like. Without the permission of male relatives, women can not obtain a passport, employment, marriage and travel. In addition, Saudi Arabia's strict gender segregation system, including banks, restaurants, schools, government agencies, and other venues, including the public, men and women should be separated.




However, Saudi women's rights in recent years continue to improve. Saudi media to cover the end of the year, the country's divorced women or widows are expected to get their own identity in order to get rid of male acting independently. He reported that this will change in the process of divorce female children to school, receive medical care, convenience.


Last December, Saudi Arabia held local council elections, the first time allowed women to vote and stand for election, the country is considered a step towards gender equality.

She find limited jewelry

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Royal rose love life Bao qi ya ritz-carlton RoyalRose limited jewelry watches

When prince William took Kate’s of fine fine jade hand, states that the “love life”, the royal roses with confidence and grace confide gives the most charming fragrance. Magnificent and elegant rose is a symbol of love, is the wonderful gift of nature, the world lovers more as the feeling replica Cartier love bracelet is the testimony of life; Honour and justice blossoms like scarlet flowers, with proud state is shown in front, and the royal rose with its unique noble temperament, become the model of “love life”. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the brand youth, bao qi lai pour create elegant ritz-carlton RoyalRose limited jewelry watches, using brand top inlaid jewelry cutting process, create rosy vision for the royal rose flowers blossom, moment at dance out the flickering glow, passing the faithful belief of “love life”.

Magnificent dazzing inlaid jewelry

Jas ritz-carlton RoyalRose limited jewelry watches with radian beautiful elegant ritz-carlton series watchcase, lifelike out the beauty of the female charm gracefuls and restrained state; 18 k white gold case set with 137 sapphire and 137 is flashing, beauty echo of silver needle and elegant watch body design, noble gorgeous; Wrist assembly CFB 1850 quartz movement, function precisely the criterion; Mother-of-pearl dial with fold relief flowers design, by the 89 top sapphire and 26 clever with beauty, gem flower Cartier love ring replica and mother-of-pearl dial bring out the best in each other; With rare calfskin strap, all like nature itself like a partnership of stars.

Bao qi lai, precise built-in show its perfection superb artistry, top class gem inlay process is the play of incisively and vividly.

Time to accumulate Grace to deduce

Woman such as red wine, the longer the taste is alcohol, when the time to erase the last ray of crude surface, is the deep fragrance and sweet. In the world of women wrist watch, jewelry diamond ornament is the most moving, against the bright is dazzing, watch of wrist of faded the hale heroic spirit, added a few minutes the noble gentle breath, Mosaic of top class gem and ritz-carlton RoyalRose limited jewelry watches, but bao qi lai the masterpiece “royal watchmaker” dengfeng, only a handful of honourable women out of the ordinary.

Manero phases of the moon rose gold wrist watch seiko production, contains the “Manero” (Manero) the connotation of the word: “manuaria” derives from Latin, the name of Manero means “by hand grasp the hand”, meaning the time by your control; Concise and elegant appearance, the inner beauty of the mechanical features of heavy and complicated, abound contemporary practical design, the exquisite craft of the master of tabulation play Cartier nail bracelet replica incisively and vividly.

Function of the moon Exquisite workmanship

In 1888, Carl friedrich Bernard treasure together opened in lucerne, watch and jewelry store, write down legends of Swiss watch. Carl friedrich Bernard bao qi lai, an eye, meticulous details of aesthetic and traditional tabulation technology eager pursuit; Manero phases of the moon rose gold wrist watch workmanship is exquisite, and established the spirit of human perfection by echo. The wrist function layout is simple and agile, dial pointer to date of clear and easy to read, who is 10 weeks, according to 2 month is, 6 is the moon, when each function, clearly displayed on the dial. Driven by CFB 1966 automatic chain machine core, functional excellence, reliable and sincere JiLiang with wrist.

Perfect, the Mid-Autumn festival celebration

In the Mid-Autumn festival, the ancient legend, changes the profit and loss, mysterious and charming. Pick at mingshi, hand pick a month, will be the vast xinghai to receive in the wrist, mindfulness fine goods subway life. Manero series contains the treasure qi lai profound technical attainments, new manero phases of the moon rose gold wrist watch more with a timeless and elegant appearance: 38 mm, thickness 10.85 mm rose gold platinum and silver or black dial and silver time scale and pleasing to the eye. Although function of heavy and complicated, the layout is clear, see table factory design idea; Manero series of three-dimensional trapezoid time scale, high Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica luminous, minute hand tells; Shiny silver moon dial in charcoal gray background more pleasing to the eye; Polishing watchcase, round the clock with the same quality crocodile leather strap, with 18 k rose gold clasp, shaping the perfect elegant temperament, mingshi charm.

Bao qi ya ritz-carlton Mini TwoTone wrist slim waist of rectangular case outline, is deep the first book of ritz-carlton series essence, the radian of iron stick and straight stripe supplement, reminiscent of the beautiful women’s figure, put pen to paper just right, and have a charm of rare wrist ACTS the role of jewelry. Another feature of this book, it is a silver dial the central slightly deep and broad elegant stripe, deftly form concise light straight on both sides; Rose gold time scale, 6 and 12 when the location for the rose gold Roman numerals, with elegant rose gold when the minute hand, with the central stripe texture reflect each other, more show good taste. Wrist assembly precise Swiss quartz movement, accurate and reliable performance, the appearance of the elegant and showily and reliable movement function complement each other, both inside and outside, moment, perfect.

Jas ritz-carlton series beautiful arc design of timeless female beauty, gently a outlined a person state; New ritz-carlton, Mini TwoTone watches the continuation of the pursuit of the perfect imitation cartier love bracelet spirit, and to carefully design create a pleasing visual enjoyment, contrast double-color materials supplement with different details and perspective, bao qi lai touching charm of women’s wrist watch.

Essence of precipitation

Ravi parker AutoDate TwoTone automatic watch has many models, including 38 mm case diameter model assembly CFB 1950 automatic chain machine, while the 27 mm case diameter model assembly CFB 1963 automatic chain machine core, both with precise time and date display; Don’t fancy appearance and dial concise design, elegant time scale and golden hollow out a pointer, clearly and accurately show the time; Stainless steel and 18 k rose gold round watchcase luster bright, can foil more dumb white dial is pure and fresh and elegant, all this things ravi parker series design feature in the first book, fusion metal proportion of perfect collocation, aesthetic feeling of precipitation is elegant and chic.

Double color combination, always moving

Double color combination design of the extended possibilities of different precious metals, gold or platinum, diamond, regardless of the supplement all see the harmonious aesthetic feeling and the beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica wrist meter deserve to act the role of social status; Stainless steel and 18 k rose gold chain belt and watch case the same style, melting penetration in hand, to attend different occasions won the envy of all. Bao qi lai ravi parker series, integration innovation technology and original design, inject fresh design idea. With decorous composed as a source of inspiration, darling tiancheng supplication for sublimation, witness the time flow, is marriage.

Some shoppers may wonder why we sell so many Cartier jewelry replica lots

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Including our jewelry by the dozen and our plated chains by the gross. There are several reasons why our replica Cartier jewelry lots are so popular and we are going to cover a few of those reasons in this blog.


The first reason may be obvious but the bottom line is – People just love a surprise. The same logic applies to buying inventory and stocking your shelves with Cartier love jewelry replica! We often include items not for sale on our website so our Cartier jewelry replica lots are truly a surprise.



The second reason is an easy one – you get a lot (no pun intended), a large quantity, of inventory for one low price. By buying your wholesale crystal jewelry in bulk lots, you save a lot of money because we can work on a much smaller profit when you buy replica Cartier jewelry in volume.


Some people also feel that, by not picking the Cartier Love jewelry themselves, they are not influencing the selection with their own likes and dislikes… It can be very easy to not buy Cartier Love bracelet knockoff items but just because they are not your style, doesn’t mean they won’t sell. As a jewelry buyer, we often overlook items that may not appeal to our tastes but can end up being the best sellers of the season. With our wholesale jewelry lots, you no longer have to worry about that issue because the professionals at Cheap Swarovski Crystal Jewelry will select the jewelry for your customers for you.


Curious about what kind of wholesale Cartier jewelry lots we have in stock right now? Please browse through our Wholesale Cartier Jewelry Lots category.

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