Saudi media reported on the 3rd, the judiciary announced that Saudi Arabia will also be entitled to get their own copy of the marriage certificate of the country when women get married in the future. Previously, only men can receive this "treatment."


A special committee of Saudi Justice Minister Walid Sama Ani authorized the establishment of two announced that with immediate effect, when the clergy for the new registration of marriage, both men and women must be given to issue a marriage certificate in order to ensure that the bride married alerted Related interests and related provisions.


Saudi news agency quoted the Ministry of Justice reported that the decision was intended to "to protect women's rights." Taking into account the special committee, when a dispute with her husband, or women on the court, they may need a marriage certificate. The implementation of this initiative is not to make Saudi bride happier to do so? If you need to buy imitation jewelry,Please choose to buy Cartier Love Jewelry Replica, Hermes Jewelry Replica ,Cartier Jewelry Replica and Van cleef & Arpels Jewelry. Thank you.You can enter the URL:




In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive a car, go out must be accompanied by a male, must wear the veil in public places and the like. Without the permission of male relatives, women can not obtain a passport, employment, marriage and travel. In addition, Saudi Arabia's strict gender segregation system, including banks, restaurants, schools, government agencies, and other venues, including the public, men and women should be separated.




However, Saudi women's rights in recent years continue to improve. Saudi media to cover the end of the year, the country's divorced women or widows are expected to get their own identity in order to get rid of male acting independently. He reported that this will change in the process of divorce female children to school, receive medical care, convenience.


Last December, Saudi Arabia held local council elections, the first time allowed women to vote and stand for election, the country is considered a step towards gender equality.